Chapter 8

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PIMPOLOGY - Chapter 8


VIII                 How To Dump Chicks


If you have to think about it, end it.  If you are trying to figure it out, or if you're having a tough time etc., then end it.  Hanging with chicks should be fun, not work.  Life is too short to hang out with chicks that bring you down. 


Do it on the phone if possible.  I know this sounds lame, and it probably is, but it is a hellova lot easier.  Don'' call them for two days, then they'll call you once, then one day later they'll call you again and give you the old "We Gotta Talk" line.  We gotta talk really means we gotta breakup.  Now its their idea, and you have an easy way out.


I also recommend you let her down easy by telling her "I really you, but I'm  not in love with you, I know what love is and it'll be best for both of us if we continue to look for it.   Life is too short etc." This works well, cause she has to agree with this.she's a chick after all. Sometimes you will even get the old "Come over here one last time."  This is rare and spooky, but fun. Just make sure you tell someone where you are in case she's really pissed off and chains you to the bed for a week.


How To Know If She's Blowing You Off.  The following are telltale signs:

         You've left two or more messages and she hasn't returned a call.

         Her cell phone gets to the third ring. (everyone has Caller ID on their cell, she knows it's you calling.)

         She says things like "I'm watching a movie/show, can I call you back?"

         She's vague when you talk about what you did last night. She'll say things like "I was out with a friend(s)." 

         She cancels dates regularly with excuses like "I didn't sleep well last night." "I'm Tired," or "I have to work late."