Chapter 5

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PIMPOLOGY - Chapter 5..-


V.                   The First Date


When.  Always go for a weeknight; Thursday is best.  Most women will let go and stay out later on Thursdays then they will on other nights.  This is due to a widely held belief that there is only one more day of work left and that one can make it on less sleep and more booze.  I also prefer weeknights, because if you are having fun you can stay out late with her.  If it sucks you can always say "I've got a big meeting in the morning and have to get up early."  You can easily bail by 9 PM if she turns out to be a skank or a bitch.


Have her meet you at 7 PM: that way she will have eaten already. Chicks are always uncomfortable eating in front of guys they've just met. Never take her out to dinner until at least the third date. 


Where.  Have her meet you in a cool, funky bar that is not too loud.  Never pick her up.  Have her meet you there.  This way she'll feel more comfortable having her own car;  and you can also make an easy escape if necessary.  Pick a table or corner of the bar where you can sit close to her.  Avoid big booths; they make it hard to touch her. 


How.  There are several basics that every dude should follow on the first date:

1.        Keep Em Drinking

2.        Don't Say Anything Stupid

3.        Make Em Laugh

4.        Touch Them Once In a While (use to emphasize a joke or point).  This will show her that you are interested in her and break the ice. 

I also like to buy them a shot to loosen them up for the first kiss.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to wait until they go to the bathroom and order it while they're gone.  That way they can't object.  I recommend ordering something sweet and with a kick: Layered B-52's are money, baby!


The First Kiss.  This is where most dudes blow it.  Never, ever wait until you get to the car or (God Forbid) you have driven her home!  Kissing on doorsteps is an urban legend that only works in the movies.  Instead, try the surprise attack.  Once you leave the bar just grab em and kiss em.  Simple, but effective.  Try brushing your lips against the corner of her mouth and then pull her close and slowly kiss her. Do not, I repeat, Do not grab any ass yet.


If the surprise attack works you should break it off first.  I recommend no more than 30 seconds.  Then as you walk her back to her car she's feeling pretty good about it and you can have another makeout session or two along the way.  When you get to her car pull her waist close to you and give her a long passionate kiss.  You stop it first, say good night and walk away..I repeat, walk away.  Don't tell her you had a good time, and definitely don't tell her you'll call her..just walk away.  It'll keep her wondering `til you call chicks like to wonder. it's romantic and titillating for them. 


The Second Date.  This time, you can pick her up.  I prefer to try to get a little love at the door to break the ice. At least give her a hug and kiss on the neck here.  She'll think you're happy to see her.they always let you, so go for it.


You can do whatever you want for the evening.  I like to take her to a bar then club dancing: chicks love to dance.  You could also take her to a bar and then dinner if you want.  I would avoid movies at all cost; they tend to put you both to sleep.  You could also cook dinner for her at your house.  In any case, your goal is to get her back to your place, or hers if she wants.  Don't wait until you are ready to go home; instead, ask her early.  Say "I have a really nice bottle of wine at my place. why don't we go over there and have a glass of wine, and then I can bring you home in an hour or so." 


Once she is on your turf,  she'll be putty in your hands.  An advanced technique guaranteed to speed up your time to the promise land is what I call the saving myself line.  It's quite simple.  When you're making out on the couch or wherever, try telling her (with a strait face) that you never sleep with women unless you've been dating them for at least a month.  Then shut up!.  This will process through her mind for a while and then she'll become the aggressor.  Chicks love a challenge.  Four out of five times she'll jump your bones that night.


Who Pays & When

The rules are as follows:  You are the guy, so you pay 100% for the first month of any relationship.  I know this sounds like bullshit, but its part of the game.  Then, and only then, do you let her start carrying her own weight.  Don't fall into the  offer to pay trap.  A good woman will offer to pay or possibly go Dutch on the check.  Don't let her under any circumstances.  She'll talk it over with her friends and they'll decide you are cheap.  You'll never get any lovin. 


After you've been sleeping with her on a regular basis you can start letting her pay.  A good benchmark is to compare salaries (you might not know hers, but you can probably guess).  If she makes half of what you do, then you should probably play the sugar daddy role and suck it up most of the time.