Chapter 4

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PIMPOLOGY - Chapter 4..-


I.                   Calling Her After You Get The Number


Calling Chicks.  After you get a number, you should always wait two days then call. 

If She Answers  Be yourself, funny, talkative etc. ; tell her about your great weekend, what you did etc.  If she doesn't remember you right away, don't let it phase you..just keep going, she'll eventually catch up; or else she'll be curious enough to want to check you out anyway. 


If No Answer.  ALWAYS ASSUME EVERY CHICK HAS CALLER ID!!  If you call back repeatedly she'll think you're a stalker and you ain't getting any. Don't' leave a message.  This is an advanced technique that works like a charm.  If you call and get her machine, simply hang up. The chick will see your name and rack her brains to remember you.  Even if she doesn't remember you, more times than not she'll still call you back. 


If she doesn't call you back, wait a day and then call, but be sure to block your number (*67 then dial # after dialtone).   If you try *67 and get a message saying "we're sorry, but this number does not accept blocked calls," then you know she definitely has caller id..  Try her first at 6 PM (no message) and then at 10 PM from your cell phone.  Leave a message that you are heading out for the night and if she gets in soon she can try you at  ______#, or else you'll try her tomorrow.  Keep this up every other day after that with a single evening call, but don't leave another message.  She knows you called and has your number. Play the cool guy or she'll think you're a freak.   If no response within a week, bail and convince yourself that the beotch wasn't worth it anyway.