Chapter 2

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PIMPOLOGY - Chapter 2 - ENJOY.


111.                   How To Meet Chicks


OK, now that you have the basic props, let's take a look at how to score. Pulling chicks is easy. 


Where.  I find it's easiest to meet girls where alcohol is involved.  Therefore, bars and parties are best.  The grocery store is for food shopping and chat rooms are for degenerates; go to a bar and do some cold calling man!


How to Dress

Wear whatever is hip. I prefer to shop at trendy stores like GAP or Abercrombie & Fitch, but wear something that is at least in style, especially the shoes.  A couple of other items are:

         Chest Hair.  If you got it, show it. Some chicks say they don't like it, but they really do. Keep two buttons open at all times. They'll more often than not comment, and/or feel you up.

         Jewelry.  Chains and rings only work if you're really good looking. Get rid of it all.


Talk To Them!

I usually like to get a good buzz on so I'm more outgoing.  Don't get too whacked though, pace yourself, and whatever you do don't drink and drive.  Bring a good wingman to the bar and look for good-looking women and go talk to them! It's as simple as that.  If you've ever been in sales, it's like cold calling only your success rate will be much higher picking up chicks, then it will be selling copiers or stock.  This is a simple numbers game: half the chicks you talk to will talk back, and half of those will give you their phone number if you ask.


The WingMan

Too many dudes spoil your game.  I prefer to only hang with one dude when I'm scamming.  If you go to a bar with a group of your boys, then let them hang while you and your wingman dig for digits.


The Good WingMan.  Find yourself a wingman who is outgoing and funny. It doesn't matter what he looks like as long as he's willing to keep the conversation going.  A good wingman will also jump on the occasional grenade for you (e.g. do the ugly one to help you out). 

The Bad WingMan.  The bad wingman is more interested in impressing his buddies than he is in picking up chicks.  They usually stare at women as they walk by, or worse, they make lude or lucivious comments such as "yeah baby" or "ohhhhhhh, did you see that!" 


A bad wingman will also cockblock or attempt an inappropriate sword fight.  For those of you who do not know the subtle differences, I offer the following definitions.


Cockblock  A cockblock is a guy who attempts to steal your prey by talking shit about you, thus making himself seem more attractive. Either that or he moves in and turns his back to you and begins to scam on your find.  Avoid this dude.

Sword fight.  A sowordfight is when two dudes attempt to work the same chick.  This is perfectly legal if, and only if, they meet her at the same time.  It is totally inappropriate for a dude to come over like a jackal trying to steal the prey form the lion who bagged it.    It is sometimes legal if you are in a group, but generally its uncool.  Avoid dudes who pull the inappropriate swordfight on a regular basis.  If you find yourself in this situation, then it is legal to block him out.  This is accomplished by continuing your conversation with the lady while turning your back on him.  He'll feel stupid standing there and will likely go away for a while till you seal the deal.



Placement/ The Post Up Move

It is key to properly place yourself at all times.  This means that when you initially walk into the bar, don't look for a table, or a space at the bar.  Instead, look for the hotties and go stand next to them and order a drink.  Eventually, you will have to talk to them.  This also helps you avoid the embarrassment of having to walk over there to talk to them later.  You look like cool guys just looking for a drink, when lookie here.

When Is the Number in Their Party Too Big?

She's Alone.   Easy pickings.  Always talk to this girl. She is probably waiting on her girlfriend and feels stupid standing by herself. She'll be very receptive.

Two Chicks.  Two girls is usually fine, unless they are really into talking to each other and have their heads close together.  This usually means they have important stuff to say, or else they're dykes.  Avoid these chicks. 

Three Chicks or More.  Doable, but you gotta really be on your game here. If there is a crowd then you have to carry and impress the whole crowd or else you're sunk.  Try to pull the whole group and see what falls out.  If one is receptive then turn her away from her friends and work it solo. 

Mixed Chicks and Dudes.  This is virgin territory boys, so go after it!  Most dudes are afraid to go up to groups of girls and guys, but if they're not all coupled up, then go for it.  No one else has talked to these girls all night because they think they are taken, and most likely, they are just  friends with those dudes anyway.  Make the dude into your friend instantly then work the chicks.


The Decoy.  Feel free to bring a chick with your group.  One that you don't care about.  Other chicks will see you with a girl and think you must be ok.


You're Scanning The Bar and Spot One.What To Do?

The Look.  If a chick looks back a second time when you're checking her out, then she's interested.  Work your way over there and go for it.  Have no fear:  what's the worst thing that can happen? Some chick you don't know and will probably never see again, will think you're a loser for about ten seconds then forget about you.  I've had hundreds of girls shoot me down, but only one has ever dumped me (and that one doesn't really count cause it was a long distance thing!). 


Never Feed A Stray Cat.  You don't want to talk to the fat or ugly chicks when you are trying to hookup.  They won't leave you alone and the other chicks in the bar will brand you as a loser.  Chicks check each other out and if they see you with a total cumdumpster then they'll blow you off once you work you way over to them.



What To Do When You Encounter The One Night Stand

If you are alone then go talk to her.  If you enjoyed it last it again.  She'll likely call you an asshole a couple of times, but put on the charm.  She fell for you once's like shooting fish in a barrel! 


If you're with another chick then you need to be very careful here.  I recommend ignoring her or else just say Hi in passing.  If you engage her in conversation then you run the risk of her saying "why didn't you call?"  This will sink you with your new babe for sure! 


I also recommend you split as soon as you can.  If your girl suspects something then tell her that the other girl is an ex girlfriend who is a borderline whacko/stalker and that you'd rather not talk about it.  All chicks have had dudes stalk them, so she'll agree with you that it is best to leave. 


If for some reason you can't leave, then watch out.  Eventually, when your new babe goes to the bathroom, she might work her way over to chat.  If this happens, tell her you're on a date and can't really talk but that you'll call her. Then head to the bathroom yourself and if possible, grab your chick and make a B-Line for the door. 


Chase the Antelope, Settle for the Rabbit.  When you come into a bar that's hoppin with babes, don't go up to the first chicks you see checking you out.  Save them for later, they're money.  Instead, go after the other hotties first and work your way back to the ones who where checking you out later.  This also helps you to build momentum.


Buying Drinks.  Some guys think this works, but I think it's a waste of your money.  Chicks will talk to you even if you don't buy them drinks.  I'm totally down with buying them shots or getting them fresh drinks once you've got the rap rolling.


Pickup Lines don't usually work.  I've tried them, and take my word for it; "Come here often" will make her run in the other direction.  You can try to get cute with lines like "Is your name Visa? Cause you're everywhere I wanna be," but I prefer to keep it simple.  Ask them a lot of questions about themselves (likes and dislikes if under 25 :  job and hobbies if over 30) .and try to be funny.  If you make it past the first two minutes then you're home free. 


One line that works is the Hey Stop Its Us line.  Just wait for cute girls to come by and say "hey stop, its us!" and they'll stop thinking they know you.just keep them talking and you're in there. 


If you really feel you need an opening line you can try the tried and true "Do you have a sister who works at XYZ?  No? Ohh, cause I know this girl there who looks a lot like you..My name is ______What's yours?"   A good wingman is key here.  He can pick up any dead air time until everyone is more at ease in the conversations. Keep Em Laughing.  Tell Jokes, humorous stories and soon they'll be digging you.  (end of chapter at end of the week!)